NBSC Mackellar Girls Campus

The girls' campus of the Northern Beaches Secondary College

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All students in years 7 – 12 have guest speakers, events and specialised functions for the girls to participate in eg: women in engineering.

All students in years 10 & 11 have one 40 minute period of Careers per week as part of their curriculum

All students in years 11 & 12 have the opportunity to attend appropriate seminars usually held at UTS.

Careers Advisor - Ms Katherine Erskine

Year 10

Students also have the option of 2 weeks work experience by demand. This allows them to have greater flexibility in their selection and make a more meaningful selection than it being mandatory.

Topics covered in the class time include:

  • Developing career plans and outcomes
  • Specific interest topics
  • Career websites
  • Self esteem & self identity lessons to identify where their talents lie.
  • Information about Career choices

Over a period of a week there is also a very sophisticated and thorough subject selection interview process to help each student select the most appropriate subjects for them. Every year 10 student must have an interview with a panel of specialised teachers including the careers counseller.

Year 11

Transition program - Students have the option of 2 weeks work experience by application.

Topics covered in the class time include:

  • Sophisticated career analysis using computer generated career profiling
  • More sophisticated career computer databases

Tracking interviews with all year 11 girls to evaluate choices they have made and assess their progress.

Year 12

Individual counselling to assess skills, abilities and talents to clarify more successful career outcomes.

A pre and post evaluation by year 12 to gather information to assess if needs are being met and any suggestions for future reference.