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A study of science is mandatory for all students from Kindergarten to Year 10. Students will have the opportunity to learn in our new state of the art laboratories.

Students explore the natural and made worlds and learn how to apply scientific skills, knowledge and understanding across a broad range of contexts.

Science provides a way of inquiring about the world around us. It explores evidence and investigates ways to discover, develop and produce solutions to real-world problems. The inquiry and skill-based nature of science opens doors to ideas and discoveries.


The Science faculty has access to computer data logging which allows students to accurately measure in the laboratory using probes attached to the computer. The Pearson textbook is available on-line to use at home. Students will also have access to an on-line learning platform such as Stile or Education Perfect.

Primary School Links

The Penguin Project is an opportunity for selected Year 10 students to act as mentors to primary students and help them produce an environmentally themed display. We also encourage primary schools to visit our Science Techno Museum display.

Years 7 - 10

Science is mandatory for these years. Students study up to eight units throughout the year of approximately 4-5 weeks duration. Practical work and group work occupy 50% of class time. Students will also complete a group independent research task.

In Year 7 there is an excursion to Taronga Zoo to attend classes on classification.

Year 8 participate in Science Techno Museum. This is a college initiative where students research a technology which has changed our lives and prepare an exhibit to communicate their information to other students, teachers and parents. Science Techno Museum is held in Term 3 Science Week.

Year 9 complete a group research task on New Materials.

In Year 10 there is an excursion to Luna Park to meet the requirements of the topic on motion.

Stage 5 students will be required to complete a mandatory Student Research Project (SRP).

Year 7 Topics:

Working Scientifically

Properties of Substances

Earth Resources




Habitats & Interactions

Earth in Space

Year 8 Topics:

Scientific Data



Elements, compounds & mixtures

Physical & chemical change

Science Techno-museum project

Body Systems

Growth and Reproduction

Rocks and Minerals


Year 9 Topics:


Reaction Types

Heat, Light and Sound

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Body Co-ordination

Plate Tectonics



Electrical Energy


Year 10 Topics:

DNA and Genetics

The Periodic Table

Geological Time

Student Research Project

Chemical Reactions

Natural Selection and Evolution

Motion and Energy

Global Systems

The Universe


Stage 6 Subjects Years 11 - 12

Students can choose between the following courses: 2 unit Physics, 2 unit Chemistry, 2 unit Biology, 2 unit Earth & Environmental Science, 2 unit Investigating Science and1 unit Science Extension (Yr 12 only).


Excursion to the School Of Physics University of Sydney

Y11 Preliminary 


Module 1  Kinematics       

Module 5 Advanced Mechanics

Module 2  Dynamics

Module 6 Electromagnetism

Module 3 Waves and Thermodynamics

Module 7 The Nature of Light

Module 4 Electricity and Magnetism

Module 8 From the Universe to the Atom


Excursions to ANSTO Nuclear Power Plant and /or Sydney Water/ University of Sydney

Y11 Preliminary


Module 1 Properties and Structure of Matter

Module 5 Equilibrium and Acid Reactions

Module 2 Introduction to Quantitative Chemistry

Module 6 Acid/Base Reactions

Module 3 Reactive Chemistry

Module 7 Organic Chemistry

Module 4 Drivers of Reactions

Module 8 Applying Chemical Ideas


Excursions to Freshwater Rock Platform and The Disease Museum at NSW University.

Y11 Preliminary


Module 1 Cells as the Basis of Life

Module 5 Heredity

Module 2 Organisation of Living Things

Module 6 Genetic Change

Module 3 Biological Diversity

Module 7 Infectious Disease

Module 4 Ecosystem Dynamics

Module 8 Non-infectious Disease and Disorders

Earth & Environmental Science

Excursions to Central NSW, Wellington and Long Reef rock platform

Y11 Preliminary


Module 1 Earth’s Resources 

Module 5 Earth’s Processes

Module 2 Plate Tectonics 

Module 6 Hazards

Module 3 Energy Transformations

Module 7 Climate Science

Module 4 Human Impacts

Module 8 Resource Management

Investigating Science

Excursion to Freshwater Rock Platform and the Artificial Limb Factory.

Y11 Preliminary


Module 1 Cause and Effect – Observing

Module 5 Scientific Investigations

Module 2 Cause and Effect – Inferences and Generalisations

Module 6 Technologies 

Module 3 Scientific Models

Module 7 Fact or Fallacy?

Module 4 Theories and Laws

Module 8 Science and Society